Sweet Life Bites Weekly #10

Sweet Life Bites Weekly #10


Hello friends! It’s May 23 and I can practically smell summer, it’s so close. Warm weather, sunny days, and, the best part–regular blogging (!!!!!!). 

Unfortunately, before than, I have quite the multitude of end-of-the-year projects to finish, and, y’know, a little something called finals in less than a month, but for right now, we’re gonna pretend that none of that exists, ‘kay? Just you, me, and some cinnamon gum. Seriously. It’s my fave. 

As you might be able to tell, I’ve done some redecorating. Nice, huh? I’m diggin’ this color scheme–makes me think of strawberries. :) Let me know of any technical glitches, though. It happens! Now let’s dig into what I’ve been digging this week (see what I did there? πŸ˜‰ )

Song of the Week: I’ve got more than one for you guys this week! Because of finals and homework and training for a half marathon (eep!), I’ve had my headphones in quite often these past couple of weeks, and Spotify has become my new best friend. Some of my ultimate jam-out songs lately have been “Hallelujah” by Panic! At The Disco, “Shark in the Water” by V V Brown, and “AfterHours” by AJR. Enjoy, friends! 


Food of the Week: I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve started running again (yay for nice weather!), or the promise of summer in the air, or a combination of both, but I’ve been wanting to eat cleaner lately–as my mom says, garbage in, garbage out. Because of this, my preferred breakfast of late has been a bowl of sliced strawberries topped with a cup of granola from Love Crunch–it’s peppered with chunks of chocolate and dried strawberries that make it great for snacking, too! You might as well pick it up the next time you’re at the grocery store–who doesn’t want chocolate for breakfast? πŸ˜‰ 


Book of the Week: The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard…Oh. My. Cheezits. So at my school, we have this amazing library, and one of the librarians shares my love of fantasy and scifi and, y’know, books in general. This was one of the books she recommended me, and holy mother of fiction was it wonderful. Fantastic. All words that describe the feels this book gave me. Without giving anything away (I will try, but no promises–I already spoiled the ending for a friend…oops? πŸ˜‰ ), I’ll give you a quick summary of the book. In the world that this book is set in, there’s a common, clear, and irrefutable divider between the two groups of people: the color of their blood. The ruling class is composed of silvers, whose blood, as you might have guessed, is silver (shocking, I know), and they have specific powers that allow them to manipulate the elements–fire, water, air, metal, etc. The subordinate class, then, is the group of people with red blood.These reds are the people that fight in the army, serve in the silvers homes, and act as general laborers for the nation. The protagonist, Mare Barrow, is from a red family, only months away from being conscripted into the army when, as in most books, her life is flipped on it’s head (again, shocking). She ends up serving this particular event for the silver royal family, where all of the eligible silver ladies show off their powers in order to win the favor of the princes. One of the ladies is in the process of showing off when Mare falls over the barrier and into the electrical fence/dome thing that’s surrounding the arena they’re in, and instead of dying, electricity shoots out of her–she has a power that no silver possesses, and she’s a red to boot. Then she’s swept into this whole conspiracy in order to cover up this secret that would make the silvers claim to fame (their exclusive power) irrelevant, especially amidst the rebellion that’s brewing–the Scarlet Guard. She’s introduced as the long-lost daughter of a duke and engaged to the younger son, Maven, and they both (in secret, of course) join the rebellion and plot to bring about the end of silver tyranny. 


They try to. 

I can’t say anymore without spoiling everything, but ohmygoodnessgracious: plot twist with a capital “P”. Your feelings do a complete 180. 

And the worst part is, the sequel doesn’t come out until 2016. D: 


Blog of the Week: One of my nearest and dearest friends has decided to start up her own little corner in ye old interweb, and it’s great! I mean, let’s start with the name–Muffins & Mascara. Too cute, right? She’s also the friend who introduced me to puppy chow (and made this recipe possible), the one I refer to as Lizzardbacon (Bernard Lizzardbaechaun the Hoodlum is the full nickname–it’s a long story). On her blog, she’s going to be doing a bit of everything–food, makeup, DIY (’cause she’s crafty like that), and general lifestyle-like things. She’s in school like me, so there’s not too many posts up yet, but she’s going to use the summer to really kick things off. You can check out her site at Muffins & Mascara–enjoy! And, if you’re reading this, congrats, Lizzard! :)

Lippie of the Week: So it’s May, and, as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. I mean, not where I am, but in other parts of the world I know this holds true, and I like to get into the spirit of spring and bright colors–even if it’s raining and 45 degrees outside. :( I did bring it with me when we went to Mexico for spring break and wore it nearly every single day. Seriously. It’s perfect. This is where this week’s lippie comes in–a lovely lipstick (*gasp*) by Bobbi Brown in the shade “Guava”. It’s a creamy, shiny tangerine that goes great with a tan and a sundress. It’s a little more expensive than, say, a lipstick from Maybelline, but for the quality and the color (I’m in love!), it’s worth it. Go head. Try it on the next time you’re in Sephora. You’ll thank me later ;). 


Posts this Week: Alright, so this one almost doesn’t count but it still was last week, so…I give you, homemade vanilla ice cream! Rich, decadent, and as simple as four ingredients and an ice cream maker. A classic, no? πŸ˜€


Look for a new post over the long weekend–enjoy your days off! πŸ˜€